Saturday, October 3, 2009

Not A Foodie Blog and Other Random Thoughts

#1 I would just like to state for the record that this is NOT a foodie blog.

I have nothing against foodie blogs, in fact I spend a lot of my time perusing them, getting recipes, and envying their photography. But I am not a foodie. Foodie to me is someone who may be a bit of a food snob expecting the best ingredients and has high standards for the finished dish. This is not me.

I was recently drawn in by a box of Hamburger Helper. It WAS gross, but I bought, made, and ate it. These are not the actions of a foodie.

#2 I have not been using my own voice.

It's like my sub-conscious decided that since I am writing about pie I have to use some weird family friendly voice or something. I'm going to try to stop. It's not me and this SHOULD reflect me and my personality along with my pie experiments.

And besides, 5 year olds don't make pies anyway.

#3 I just can't keep up.

When I started this I worried about if I would have enough to post. If there would be large gaps during those periods when I do not have lots of time for pie baking.

Now I worry because I am so far behind! Seriously, I may not remember what a pie tastes like by the time I write about it.

And if I take a pie baking break, well, that will just give me a chance to catch up.

#4 I am generally averse to joining any of the on-line recipe sites. Even all-recipes. They are just so big and it doesn't really seem to matter if you comment on a recipe 500 people have already have reviewed.

But this week I joined The Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen. I have already found a great pie recipe there (look for the upcoming Milk Pie post) and it is small enough that I feel like commenting is actually worthwhile. She did not start it that long ago so I may not continue if it blows up into a huge thing, but for now I like it.

So far I have only posted my Concord Grape Pie, but plan to post more pie recipes when I make enough adjustments to consider them my own.

This is also a place for me to put up things other then pies. I am still struggling with how pie and/or dessert exclusive to keep this blog and have not quite decided yet, so for now...sticking to pies.

If your interested in anything else I might be cooking I can be found over at Tasty Kitchen.

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