Thursday, March 25, 2010

Do It For The Kiddies

There is a new badge posted on the very top of my sidebar. It's at the top because I hope everyone will notice it. It is for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Petition.

Yes, this is related to his new TV show. I watched the preview Sunday, it wasn't bad. But whether you will watch the show or not, you should sign the petition.

Today's kids are eating too much crap. Too many of them are overweight. Too many of them will have health problems. And America's School Lunch Program is not helping, because too much cheap crappy food gets funneled into this guaranteed buyer.

Many of America's poorest children depend on the program for 10 meals a week. Instead of dumping our excess cheap food into them, we should be taking the opportunity to teach them to eat better.
The show demonstrated that many of these kids are eating processed foods, like chicken nuggets, several times a week but won't eat a marinated and baked piece of chicken. Many won't even try it.

Taste is (mostly) cultivated. Kids who grow up eating junk will continue to eat junk in adulthood, and suffer the consequences. We cannot determine what children eat at home, but by serving high quality healthy meals at school we can make sure these a taste for healthy choices is cultivated which will lead to a lifetime of better eating and better health.

So click on the badge, it will take you right to the website where you can sign the petition to show your support for improving America's school food.

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