Tuesday, January 19, 2010

300 Pies!

I got a new cookbook. Pie by Ken Haedrich.

It is all pies. (And some pie crust too).

I haven't made anything yet. I have been in a bit of a pie slump. I just haven't been feeling the magic lately. Hopefully I will pull out of it soon.

But the recipes look great! Aside from the fact that Mr. Haedrich and I clearly have different ideas about the suitability of vegetable shortening in pie crust; he favors a crust with some shortening while I refuse to use it. EVER.

Why? Cuz it has NO FLAVOR.

But shortening crust aside, this book is full of great recipes. He includes a lot of recipes that combine fruits, which is great, and it has tons of the more unusual pies recipes that I love to try out.

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