Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stabilized Whipped Cream

Lately I have made a couple of items that required stabilizing my whipped cream topping. Never heard of stabilized whipped cream? Neither had I until I needed to make it.

Most recipes call for making and topping desserts with whipped cream right before serving because whipped cream will weep (ooze water) over time. But what about when timing won't allow that?

In these cases you can simply stabilize your whipped cream with some unflavored gelatin to make it hold up better, just like professional bakeries do. It doesn't alter the flavor and the whipped cream holds up great.

There are lots of different ways to add the gelatin though, and after trying a few (one of which was completely unusable) I have certainly found one method to be the most simple. Here is the basic 1 cup recipe, simply scale up accordingly for larger batches.

1 cup heavy whipping cream

1Tbsp powdered/confectioners sugar

1 Tbsp cold water

½ tsp unflavored gelatin

(any other whipped cream flavoring you will use)

Soak gelatin in the cold water for 5 min. Then warm over low heat until it dissolves. (I placed the small bowl I used to mix the gelatin and water into a sauce pot with water, as shown).

In a bowl combine whipping cream, sugar, and any other flavorings you are using. (If not using any special flavoring 1 tsp vanilla is ALWAYS a good idea.)

Add gelatin mixture JUST before you begin beating your cream.

Beat ingredients together until soft peaks form.

You can use the cream immediately to top and/or decorate your dessert and serve when you're ready. The whipped cream florets I made on this pie were still holding there shape perfectly (with no weeping) over 24 hours after I made them!

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